April Fools Day Post – The new Scooter

A review of my latest scooter – “Knee Walker Medical Scooter”
I love this new Scooter! (compared to crutches).
I will be riding this exclusively for the next 2 months!
It can takes stickers like a normal adventure bike!

The new Scooter also has a single front single mounted pannier that has no lid and is not water proof.  It wobble at high speed – because my kids think it’s a new toy for them and I wake up to see them hauling ass through the house on it – reminding them that I kids on need that thing.

It has parking brakes which turn out are a freaking must, and The solid wheels are very dependable but the complete lack of suspension is horrible and you feel every bounce. As far as gear ratio or torque it can only be explained as ½ of what would be normal.  Normally you would have bipedal location of 2 working legs.  With this you mount 1 bum leg and use the less gimpy leg to glide along.  Don’t let the lack of horse power dissuade you as the alternatives are horrific.

The Alternatives are
A)      Don’t move at all
B)      Use crutches.
Using crutches is almost as bad as not moving.   Once you figure crutches out they are not completely bad and allow you some motion.  But standing still with them is challenging, and the transportation of anything is nearly impossible here the scooter prevails because you can actually go to the fridge open the door look around and then put a drink in your basket and then return to the couch. The turning radius is not that tight but the good new is it helps stabilize you  – slow wide turns keeps you upright

Its did not come with turn signals or a Horn but a horn can be added. Also it only came with one large basket but my friends sent me an additional pannier that has flowers that light up.

So storage capacity is enough to take – a Surface Tablet, Cell phone, all your meds, a notepad / pen and sometime a drink.

 In truth the little basket is used to carry your drugs around with you.

The worse things get the more you need the ability to humble and laugh at yourself

On March 18th about 5:45pm I was skateboarding with my kids at a local and rather good skateboard park when I took a bit of a fall.  The fall as it turns out had a significant impact as it not only dislocated the ankle it also snapped a few bones and shattered some smaller ones.

I was laying there on the ground looking at my leg and noticing it felt numb and was pointing in the wrong direction.  I stayed perfectly still, shouted for my kids, and then called 911 for help the whole time chiding myself for being a 48yr old 240 pound which is too old and too fat to be on skateboard.

The fire station showed up and kept me company until the ambulance showed up then hauled me off to the Emergency room.

night at the Emergency room the Dr set the dislocation back into place, if you have never had that let me just let you know it will wake you up. 

Couple days later we were able to meet with the Ortho Dr who said I would need surgery but would need a couple hundred x-rays first and some time for the swelling to go down. March 26th the 2 ½ hour surgery was successful and my ankle had taken on a much more mechanical look with a plate and 10 titanium screws.

I have removed the trucks and wheels off the board, so I would not be tempted to go through that painful process again.  I really like the Skateboard deck and am going to turn it into some wall at along with x-rays.

In a couple of months, I should be up and able to walk again and will be doing a lot of riding on the Spyder as I get myself to working order on the GS and even longer for dirt.  As a mater I am still freaked out and in fear or tweaking my ankle after it heals.  I even bought brand new Forma Boots for the Spyder so I don’t tweak my ankle on the Spyder (should be impossible but not taking any chances)


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