Lets start with the following statement “I despise camping”.  Which is odd considering I actually worked for Coleman for seven years and am a Boy Scout leader and as a result camp out at least a weekend a month and one entire week of every year.

Not only adventure riders do motorcycle camping.  Camping is a big part of Sturgis and events like March Moto Madness.

The following items are things that I have found that work for me:

  • Have a friend with a trailer, camper you can crash in.
  • Stay in a hotel / motel.
  • Rent a cabin.

If none of that works then CAMP…

Pack less not more – here are the bare minimal items your bike will thank you and its less stuff to track down.  Remember that a 2 person tent typically only fits 1 person with some stuff.

  • Tent –  Marmot Limelight 2P
  • Sleeping bag – Eureka Cheyenne compression sleeping bag
  • Eating utensil – Snow Peak titanium spork
  • Hydration/water bag -Assuming you have a hydration pack as part of your bike kit for hauling water
  • Bathing – MSR camp towel or pack of wet wipes
  • sleeping comfort – self inflating air mat
  • Food – Mountain House dehydrated food works very well
  • Stove – Snow Peak GigaPower Stove with Piezo (make sure it has a piezo)
  • Camp kitchen – GSI Outdoors Halulite Minimalist  or Pinnacle Soloist
  • you wont need blankets – use your jacket
  • Pillow – I use the Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Deluxe Pillow

If your going to camp at the same place all week you can always add more items like a REI camp Chair.  But this is assuming just a day or two and not wanting to overload the bike with all the riches of home.  When Motorbike camping I always make sure I have plenty of Rum and Cigars but that’s your call.

By The MotoLizard By TheMotoLizard