2018 Dynamoto Movable motorcycle stand (for 2014 R1200 GS)

First off I must say that I had my doubts about this thing, but since it was designed and built in Australia I figured I would give it a chance.  I needed a movable motorcycle stand because I had shattered my right ankle and couldn’t get the GS out of the way to ride the Spyder or later the Ural.

Shipping from down under right to your door

Its not the cheapest solution however it did look like the most elegant one.  The setup was quick and easy, the longest part of the whole project was unwrapping every part.  They put enough care into packing this thing that I think you could drop the box off a ten story building and it still wouldn’t scratch the paint (nice to see attention to all details).

Assembly is simple

The assembly is easy and you just need some needle nose pliers- I did it with a multi-tool and was fine. Just align the holes and put the pins push in and fold to secure.

Step one – handle in and rotate

Ease of use on this thing is incredible, it lifts the whole back end of a loaded GS without any issues. Other than it being Orange there were no immediate concerns with it.

Step two – place handle in front to prevent tipping

I really like how they get the handle out of the way and find another use for it.  The handle moves from the rear of the stand acting as a lever to the front and preventing the whole rig from tipping over.

Step three – Front wheel stand

The front wheel stand is a simple and standard design but the “Dynamotion” wheels allows it a new degree of freedom.  Simple to use and moves easily, I have decently aggressive knobby s on the front and it handled them with ease.

The perfect position

The Dynamoto stand allows you to move the bike in any direction you want very easily, but it has just enough resistance to not drift without you pushing on it – so it wont just roll away.  You can move a bike around if you have a shattered ankle and are crutches – its amazing. The other thing is I was able to find the absolute perfect spot for my bike and it took about 30 seconds.  The traditional approach of pushing a bike back and forth to get it in the garage around your other bikes is a huge pain. With the Dyanmoto I was able to just glide it where I needed to and it was the simplest thing to do.  I can now get to my tools, get in my truck, ride the Ural and get out the side garage door.  Before they Dynamoto I have not been able to use the side garage door for years.  The Dynamoto also makes packing and unpacking the GS a breeze you just swing the bike around to you and keep loading.

MotoLizard spent his own money on this – did not get any kickbacks or discounts – and the product works great and I am glad I bought it!

https://www.dynamotousa.com/  https://www.facebook.com/dynamotopaddock/

The MotoLizard