Guglatech Fuel Filter

When I travel a lot of things are out of my control, so I try to focus my concern on items I can control such as Fuel, Tires and Brakes. Tires and brakes can be seen to before the trip leaving fuel quality a top concern when on the road. I want high octane premium, real gas not ethanol and I want Top Tier Gas ( However, there are still gremlins that can get into your fuel system such as filling up from a Rotopax on a dirt road, going off grid and getting questionable gas (there are still places in the US that have no pay at pump and analog fuel pumps and dirt roads in the city). However, the thing that freaked my out the most was when Shawn Thomas (my off road riding instructor from Rawhyde ( posted that some idiot had intentionally put metal filings in the fuel pump nozzle at a gas station in the L.A. area. The effect of this was as he moved the hose to the tank all that crud fell out into his tank and all over his bike which pretty much ended his riding day. Shawn ended up calling a tow truck and get his tank removed and flushed out at a local dealer.

Shawn Thomas filling incident

The good news is that home of the CyclePump now sell Guglatech Fuel Filters. The Guglatech fuel filter is more of a pre-filter where it fits into the nozzle of the tank and gas goes into it then from the filter into the gas tank. On the up side of things its washable and should last forever and will keep all sorts of garbage out of your fuel system. On the down side of things, it will take you a few more seconds to fill your tank up.

Installing Guglatech Fuel Filter

You can get the product here

You can watch the Introduction and Testing video here

The best video about the product is the Guglatech Fuel Filter -Torture Test found here

Guglatech Fuel Filter installed

I have been using it for a while and like it – its cheap insurance and it’s the type of insurance that does not take up any additional space and is extremely light weight. The only thing I was not sure about was how it would react with Star Tron fuel treatment over the months of storage however I dealt with that by simply removing the filter during storage and will reinstall it in about 5 seconds when the season begins again.

A updated post on this product was created October 29 2019

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