If Boba Fett had a Swiss made motorcycle jacket it would be this one.


IXS Montevideo jacket (front)

I bought this jacket during the summer of 2019 in Texas and have been using it for months before I wrote this review. I bought it for the looks – but its actually a very nice jacket.

I realize this post is in January but this jacket does have very good summertime venting. This jacket also has a ton of armor and came with waterproof and insulated liners that are removable.

IXS Montevideo jacket (front vents closed)

There are orange instructional text that point out key items on the jacket. For example here is the jacket with both front sides zipped up

IXS Montevideo jacket (front vent open)

Here is one of the panels zipped down, rolled under and secured in place with Velcro. Its very well thought out – unlike other jackets I have owned where the panels zip completely out with no storage or are left to flap loose over time.

IXS Montevideo jacket (rear vent closed)

Here you see the large back panel zipped up and secured at the top with Velcro.

IXS Montevideo jacket (rear vent open)

It is important to point out that with the back panel is unzipped, and secured in the open position, that it does not interfere with the rear back pockets.

IXS Montevideo jacket (helmet hood in)

Sometimes if it wasn’t for the orange guide text you might not even notice some of the jackets features such as the helmet hood.

IXS Montevideo jacket (helmet hood out)

Here is the helmet hood unzipped. This is my second jacket to have a helmet hood – the other one being a FirstGear jacket. I really like these when its raining – its the only real way to keep water from going down the back of your neck. My BMW jacket does not have a helmet hood and I really wish it did. If your current jacket does not have a helmet hood you are really missing out.

IXS Montevideo jacket (phone inner pocket)

There is the perfunctory inner jacket pocket for phones – that doesn’t fit most phones with hard cases.

IXS Montevideo jacket (ID pocket on sleeve)

There is an ID pocket sleeve – its made of mesh so its not water proof at all. This is a good location for laminated information cards or InReach or Spot location devices.

IXS Montevideo jacket (instructions printed on jacket example 1)

An example of the stitching, Velcro and orange instructional arrows.

IXS Montevideo jacket (instructions printed on jacket example 2)

Another example of the zippers and orange instructional guides.

Closing thoughts and data

Its a really good jacket and doesn’t cost a ton of money for how good it is. However it is “euro cut” so fat Americans need to go up a size (at least). It vents very well which means you get a “Removable” liner I know that is a turn off for some people, but it is a GORE-TEX┬« membrane and at its price it is pretty Incredible. It did come with matching pants but I did not get them and the armor is replaceable in different colors. The armor is also far better then I have encountered in other venting or fully vented jackets.
The jacket is 600D polyester with 7 outside packets, 3 inside pockets and 1 napoleon pocket.
The armor has the following ratings:
Shoulder and elbow protectors
SAFETECH 421/520, certified according to EN 1621-1:2012, level 2
Back protector
PROTECT 851, certified according to EN 1621-2:2014, level 2

For more information please look at IXS with the following links:
Facebook – @ixs.motorcycle.fashion
The web site – https://ixs.com/en/moto ?
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ixs_official/
The product specific page is here –https://ixs.com/en/moto-ixs-produkt-info-montevideo and they have much better pictures

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