New Duffle – Mosko 30l Scout

I Really liked the idea of the products from Mosko Moto but I am not a soft luggage type of guy. I had heard about Mosko Moto on Adventure Rider Radio and met Pete Day and Ashley Myhre When they presented on ” Fly-n-ride Motorcycle Trips” at Overland Expo. When Mosko Moto released the Scout 30L Duffle Bag I used that as an excuse to go out and buy one to give it a try – because I love a good dry duffle bag.

Mosko Moto 30l Scout Duffle on back of BMW R1250 GS

What the website has to say about the official specs:

  • Webbing pass-through for connection straps
  • Removable beavertail – Hypalon MOLLE panel/reinforced stash pockets
  • Padded, comfy shoulder strap for casual carry
  • Deployable (and removable!) backpack straps – for when you need them
  • Reinforced ends/bottom for added abrasion resistance
  • 2 easy-grab + carry handles
  • Width: 10″ Length: 18″ Total Height: 18″ Rolled Height: 12″
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs Capacity: 30 Liters
Angle shot to show width and length to rear seat

I am a huge fun of a dry duffle on the rear seat for the following reasons. Unlike a Trunk it only takes up space and weight hen you need it. If it takes up more then 30 liters you shouldn’t take it. Its holds mainly laundry which is easily compressed into space
It holds nothing of real value – (again just laundry which is easy to replace)

The padded bottom of the bag

I made the Scout 30 my default bag and have started the abuse to see how it would hold up. I have had it for a while and figured the 4,000 bike trip, The Defender trip and the week in the wet at Boy scout camp should be enough wear and tear to do this review.

What do I like about the bag

  • I like the shape – flat bottom – padded bottom
  • I like the beaver tail  – more capacity – more protection
  • I like the little Velcro – the straps can self retain
  • I like the big Velcro – roll top cover – Velcro helps keep it aligned when rolling
  • I like that shoulder straps and backpack straps being easily removable – because the first thing I did is remove them.

Conceptual ideas

  • I like the idea of the MOLLE webbing – but have not used it
  • I like the idea of the pocket in the beaver tail – but I have not used it

What could they do better

  • Longer small Velcro on the self retaining strips..
    • It’s a small thing and I fixed it by replacing it.
Mondo Strap with Web Dominator

I continue to use my Blue Mondo straps with the dry bags (Mondo Straps Kit – Green Chile Adventure Gear) with Web Dominators. The first 2,000 miles I had the Scout duffle on a AltRider luggage plate (which is a fantastic setup). On the return trip of 2,000 miles I had the duffle on the rear seat of a new bike and had to attach the strap to the hand holds. When I had the luggage plate I would always use 2 straps to hold the duffle bag in place, however with it being on the back seat I only use one strap and it seems more then sufficient.  

Hypalon MOLLE panel

I have not really used the MOLLE panel except for holding extra Web Dominators and it gives you a place to store the Web Dominators when not in use. Mosko makes other items that connect to the MOLLE system and allow you to extend the storage.
The top of the roll bag not only has stiffeners in them to make it easier to role but it also has Velcro to help hold them in place which is a fantastic feature.

Velcro & Stiffeners along the top of the roll bag

What is there to say about an expensive premium brand duffle bag – it works exactly the way you would expect it to. I am very happy with the bag and will continue to use it for all my adventures. It has not even shown much wear on it yet. I think the padded flat bottom helps stay in place, the beaver tail protects the top more than a normal duffle. Its an outstanding bag with a few small things that make large impacts overall.

Open Beavertail showing pocket

The Mosko Moto Scout duffle is replacing my much cheaper First Gear Torrent 25l duffle bag. Who is First Gear?  Do They ride? Turns out First Gear is just a cog in the Motorsport Aftermarket Group machine and they go to great lengths to hide who they are.

Where I know Mosko Moto is based on real people that do in fact patriciate in community and take off a couple of times a year to go riding. I know the people who work at Mosko Moto use their own products – there is a lot to that.  Its called “eat your own dog food” and I prefer groups that follow that methodology for continuous product improvement.

The team at Mosko Moto participates in the riding community and if you get a chance to listen to them present its worth hearing about the different travel methods available to consider. I had never thought much about soft panniers system but the ability to “Fly in” with all your gear with you in something like the Reckless 40L or 80L, get a bike in country for cheap, then toss on the gear on it and head out is a very interesting idea.

Having a Mosko Moto Bag is like having a Land Rover Defender or Jeep Rubicon in that 95% of the people will never use it to its full capability but you know its there should you ever need it. In this case buying the premium products benefits us (the riding community) because it allows continued development of the product. Let the team at Mosko Moto head out and use their gear in far off places and extreme conditions.  Let them get the broken broken legs, broken bikes, and make the satellite SOS calls and we reap the benefit of high quality products. In short if it can hold up to the torture’s they put it through it should last a lifetime for me.

Mosko Moto Scout 30l duffle strapped to BMW R1250 GS