OffGrid Moto Mo Bag

Over a year ago I ordered custom blue MO Bags from OffGrid Moto which was promptly delivered to me and then I shattered my ankle and I was not able to test it properly. Well I have had time to finally had time to test this thing out and I like it.

The MO Bag (small) works very well as top bag for your pannier and is much better and less expensive then the Touratech ones. The MO bags are also good for organizing materials inside your panniers. Its always a good idea to put items in you pannier in bags, because when you crash your pannier will no longer be waterproof or when you need to open the lid in a rain storm this will help keep your stuff dry.

Color Options

If you dig deep into the OffGrid Moto website you will see a color option for the bags. Remember I always get my stuff in BLUE because its easier to identify my stuff quickly. I’m sure if you ride with a group you understand if a product is good then everyone starts using it, then there are 3-4 identical black things laying around and you grab someone else’s kit by mistake. So from my Blue OffGrid Moto bags all the way down to my Blue Spork – all my kit is easily identifiable.

MO Bags on Ural Gear Up

While the MO Bag (small) was designed to carry 2x 1 liter fuel bottles its just the right size for tons of things from tools or cigars to fuel bottle. It is made of “1000 denier fabric with 2 layer water resistant coating- DWR water repellent coating outer and inner polyurethane water resistant coating” this translates to if its raining your stuff will be dry but if you drive into a lake your stuff will get wet.

Very Secure MO Bags on Ural Gear Up

With MOLLE system you can mount these bags anywhere and they are very secure. The Ural Gear up bumps and rattles around much more then the GS so I strapped the MOLLE system up to the luggage rack and went off-roading. The MO bags stayed secured and the contents stayed dry.

If your looking into soft luggage you should check out OffGrid Moto or if you have hard panniers and are looking at adding a top bag or compartmenting the stuff in your pannier then OffGrid Moto has some slick stuff you should check out.
If you get a chance you should really check out the gear from OffGrid Moto they have been very responsive and are one of those companies where you know its made in the USA and they take a vested interest in you and what they are manufacturing for you.

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