Packing part 2 – My Tool Box

Let me start by saying the idea to put a toolbox behind the pannier was a brilliant idea and kudos to whomever invented it.  This allows you to always (ALWAYS) have your tools with you even if for some reason you have taken your luggage off.

Left Side View
The one I went with was the Wunderlich GS Emotion Alu Compartment  There are two downsides:

  • You must remove the rear mud flap
  • You must carry an extra key – or lock it in a panier.

Rear View
You should always have a very good (preferably the BEST) toolkit you can find.  Even if you don’t know how to use the tools others will, and in an emergency you will figure it out. Only use the tools in your toolkit! This is a very important rule – you must only ever use the tools in your bikes toolkit to do maintence and repair of your bike, even if its just adding a farkle. If your newly added accessory uses a wrench or tool that’s not in the toolkit you need to know (and should add the new tool to the toolkit).  Because if it comes off or needs an adjustment it will happen far from home. You must make sure you know your tools work and how to work your tools.  Long story short if you use a five drawer toolbox for your bike maintence rather than your portable tools that you carry on the bike you will find yourself stuck on the side of the road wondering why your missing a tool.  However if you stick to only using the portable toolkit and add to it as you make modification you will know you have the right tools with you.  Also more times than not – a stainless steel zip tie will get you to the a place to get any problems fixed.

 The tools

The BEST tools I could find: Adventure Designs – Ultimate Compact Tool Kit for BMW R1200GS WC  Then I modified it.
Items Removed

  • Removed strap oil wrench

Items Added:

  • Proper oil wrench
  • Adventure Designs 6-In-1 Ultimate Combo Wrench
  • Electrical tape strips (around tools handles)
  • Extra Duct tape strips (around tools handles)
  • 3 extra spokes for front wheel
  • 3 extra spokes for rear wheel
  • 1 Fiber Fix packet
  • 2 door shims (to help with brake changes)
  • JB Weld KWIK – Make sure its KWIK
  • The original BMW toolkit from removal of rear seat
  • Zip ties
  • Stainless steel zip ties
  • small bail of wire
  • Loctite Blue – in Stick form (not liquid)

By The MotoLizard By TheMotoLizard