Packing part 4 – Packing the Luggage Plate

I am obviously a fan of the “luggage plate” rather than having a second seat.  If you remember  a previous article “Adventure Touring Luggage Plates” I discussed this at length. This article is not about the benefits of the Luggage plate or the detriments (no fender bunnies) but is to serve as an example of how I pack mine.

Step 1 – Added Rotopax with capacity for 1GL H2O & 1GL Gas.

Step 2 –  Added Firstgear 25ltr top rolling dry bag.

Step 3 – Attach dry bag to luggage plate with ROK strap.

Step 4 – put all cloths you need for travel into dry bag.

If you have more cloths than will fit into a 25ltr dry bag then you are packing too much – but that’s another article.

By The MotoLizard By TheMotoLizard