Sometimes life gets in the way.

I have not updated the web site with any articles in a while even though I have around 30 in draft right now.  Sometimes life just gets in the way; and we mentally justify the excuses.  The excuses are that shortly after my Vegas trip my dad had an accident got very sick and then passed away.  I spent many weeks traveling to visit with him and then trying to help my family. Then we needed to help my mom then my kids started school then my kids had boy scout camp outs and cub scout campouts and then more work travel. The end result is I gained over 30 pounds feel like crap and just have not been riding because “I don’t have the time”. 

Don’t be depressed there is a message if you keep reading.

I always take paperback for international flights and recently I was reading Richard Feynman’s book Six Easy Pieces.  In the book Feynman says to solve any problem you need a very good brain, think really hard and then go for a walk and let your subconscious figure it out. That last part is crucial, you can not just keep thinking about the problem(s).

Its now late October and time to start thinking about winterizing the bike over the frozen months and it just occurred to me that I should have taken Feynman’s approach.  I should have gone on more motorcycle rides and figured stuff out with my subconscious.

I think when things get their worse, its actually more of a reason to go riding; regardless of what other people see and think.  Other people’s perception of what your doing is something to outright dismiss just go out and ride and get your brain right.

More articles are coming just wanted to share a hard lesson learned.

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