The Adventure Monocle

Introducing the Adventure Monocle from the same people that brought you “Ted Simon Adventure Cream”.
We all know eye glasses are easy to break, heavy and they take up so much room. Are you an Adventure Rider always looking to be a minimalist? Then the Adventure Monocle is for you!

Don’t develop bad coping mechanisms for dealing with your Presbyopia! Stop not being able to read the restaurant menu and asking the server “tell me what the specials are”. If your above the age of 45 the Adventure Monocle is what you have been waiting on! The Adventure Monocle is compact, light and comes with its own metal case keeping it safe. The Adventure Monocle comes in “reader” magnifications such as -.1.00, -1.50, -2.0 (AKA ages 45-60).

You can get your Adventure Monocle at
Don’t worry if the US web site doesn’t have anything in stock! You can always order from the UK store! Nothing says adventure like a foreign credit card transaction, extra shipping costs and the added benefit of longer shipping time! If that’s not enough adventure for you, then don’t forget about getting screwed on an exchange rate!

The Adventure Monocle is worth it because you will no longer forget your reading glasses! You will always have your Adventure Monocle in your adventure jacket pocket. ** warning ** do not place Adventure Monocle in jacket pocket – unless you want it surgically removed when you have an accident.

If you really want to up the Adventure we encourage you to use the Adventure Monocle while reading SW-Motech instructions in German, for the left side of the bike while being shown an impressionist¬†illustration for the right side of the bike – Now that’s an adventure!
** here at motolizard we love SW-Motech products but rather loath their instructions.